The rapid development of AI brings a new trend of intelligent operation for traditional industries such as industry and manufacturing. With our rich experiences, we provide one-stop telecommunication solutions combining AI and information technology for the industrial and manufacturing sectors.

Industry Needs
Data Interconnection
The presence of information silos impedes production collaboration and hampers decision-making efficiency.
Low Level of Intelligence
The lack of adequate automation in traditional production lines leads to excessively long production processes.
Production Efficiency Bottleneck
The lengthy manual quality inspection process leads to a high rework rate and low production efficiency.
Lack of Intelligent Insights
The lack of effective failure prediction and real-time monitoring and warnings poses a critical risk to the operations.
5G private network
Create a virtual private network, hybrid network, or exclusive network using 5G to meet high bandwidth, concurrency, and mobility requirements in industrial applications and enhance real-time data interconnection.
Applications of intelligent scene
Through the utilization of automated equipment and a tailored industrial Internet platform, we expedite the production cycle and refine processes, thereby catalyzing the digital transformation of industrial manufacturing.
Intelligent application of informatization
Utilizing intelligent equipment and an information system to monitor the entire production process, enabling real-time early warnings and prompt actions through intelligent analysis.
Case Study
Midea's Thailand intelligent manufacturing project
Midea with China Unicom Global Empowering Smart Manufacturing with 5G Solutions
In collaboration with AIS and Huawei, China Unicom helped Midea successfully establish the first fully connected 5G overseas factory in Thailand which is a groundbreaking benchmark for intelligent manufacturing in Southeast Asia. This collective effort signifies a remarkable achievement in the 5G era, as it greatly enhances operational efficiency, safety, and automation in complex production processes.
How to improve the productivity?
Daily outputs
5G information

With China Unicom's 5G private network, Midea's Thailand factory has experienced a significant boost in operational efficiency. The wide connectivity and low latency of the network have greatly reduced the risk of communication disruption, enabling the real-time transmission of millions of production orders.

How to ensure product quality?
Smart management
AI 5G facilities

5G+AI vision quality inspection system” has been implemented in Midea's Thailand factory which can promptly detects any unqualified links and sends out alarms. The system significantly reduced the rework rate by 75% on the production line, annual rework devices were reduced from 4,000 to 1,000.

Offer Selective, Localized, Customized Solutions

China Unicom, with its expertise and experience, is committed to driving the success of Thailand 4.0 and supporting global reach. By exploring new applications of 5G technology in fully connected factory scenarios, China Unicom strives to push the boundaries of manufacturing effectiveness and efficiency. Ms. Eunice Tse, General Manager of China Unicom (Thailand), emphasizes the foundational importance of telecom and IT infrastructure, "Thailand's 5G network readiness positions itself as a frontrunner in the ASEAN region. China Unicom is devoted to supporting the success of Thailand 4.0 strategy with extensive use cases and new 5G2B scenarios and driving digital and intelligence transformation for manufacturers."

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