Energy & Mining

Through its global network and computing resources, China Unicom offers its energy industry customers industry-leading applications and solutions, including digital meter information monitoring, environment-sensing data monitoring and resource usage monitoring, and high-quality communication services.

Industry Needs
Resource Monitoring
Due to the need for real-time control over the resource consumption of different service areas, the ability to communicate over a network and between multiple nodes is a rigid demand of the energy industry.
Node Networking
The scope of global business coverage requires enterprises in the energy industry to install a large number of sensors in many different designated locations. These sensors must send back data in real time, which creates technical challenges for data transmission networks that utilize node networking.
Case Study


China Unicom successfully integrated the plant's steam turbine room, electric control building, main transformer, mechanical tower and other important areas into a centralized monitoring system. Through remote mobile monitoring, the plant was able to meet its customers' needs and improve its overall safety level. In addition, the system realized the main equipment index and remote alarm transcription, improved work efficiency and reduced labor costs.

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